FOR IT CANDIDATES                   

“They say that the best IT employees are those with passion, those who are always prepared to ‘go that extra mile’. Well, how about several thousands of extra miles? How about moving to the other side of the globe, switching the continents? How about competing with the local workforce on their own ground, on their own terms, and still delivering that what it takes to be acknowledged as an ‘Ace of IT’. For us, those are the true heroes of the nowadays IT battleground. So yes, by all means, we recognize your effort, we recognize your true value. Economies worldwide depend on you, desks and offices all over the globe are calling your name. Projects are missing momentum, even the whole programs are being canceled because of unavailability of the good resources, economic growth is shifting to lower gear….” 

This is where we stand in regards to international IT candidates. It is the hard fact that without participation of knowledge migrants IT landscape in today’s developed economies would be much less developed. And it is absolutely not about bringing local wage costs down, as through the strict rules and regulations in place that eventual misuse is effectively prevented. Those rules and regulations differ per EU country, but to take Netherlands as an example: In 2019, the minimum monthly gross salary for a highly skilled migrant age 30 or older is EUR 4,500. For migrants under age 30, the minimum monthly gross salary is EUR 3,299. 

This is by no means less costly for employers than employing local professionals, so what is the gain for the companies? It is predominantly in obtaining specific skill set which is insufficiently (or not at all) available in the local pool of available candidates. So there is market, there is a concrete and persistent need, and there are many willing and able, but foremost valuable, international IT candidates. We bring all those components in one single equation: our soon to be launched HR portal. Sign in to our portal and meet your future employers today. Make that step forward and let the world know you are available for the next stage of your career. It is a win-win on multiple levels, and you are highly needed, welcome and appreciated.